Mythis world contains everything and more a really good fantasy world should have. In addition, the world is richly developed Kingdom, magic, history, religions and races and battle. Everything is written with great skill and enormous passion.

The Continent

It is a large continent filled with many kingdoms and cultures.


The zoomed in maps are extremely detailed. You can see hills, lakes, groves and more.


If you feel like playing in a city, there are several well-detailed ones available.

Explore the World of Mythis

From Alondon to the Empire of Nulkhol, explore the vast world of Mythis! Rich with Lore, Religion, Magic and more. 

Your imagination and creativity are limitless, and Mythis was designed to be equally expansive. Use maps, minis, or complete theater of the mind; explore dungeons, cities or  different dimensions entirely, your gameplay will feel no bounds. 

An exciting world of awaits, whether you play by 100% the book, cherry-pick your favorite parts of our world, or just use our core rules as a jumping off point, you’re in for one hell of an adventure. We aim to provide your group with the tools to explore your wildest imaginations. 

Our World Primer sets the stage for your party’s next adventure. Dive deep into the lore of the land, and get immersed into your first Mythis  Adventure.

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